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Produced between May 2010-January 2011 expect 'Every Single Moment' produced between 2006-2010. and Tzolk'in Cycles produced between 2009-2011.


released January 21, 2011

Lyrics and vocals on 'Coming Down Rain' by Delphina Nova. Lyrics and vocals on "technologeniusingularity' by Anand Petigara.



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Vostek Tucson, Arizona

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Track Name: Coming Down Rain
Poem Title: Rain Dance
Lyrics: Delphina Nova
Raindance excerpt was first published in 'Heart of Gold', Dolfyn Press 2010 & A Fish Jumps to Lick The Moon,

Dolfyn Press 2004

What? A water drop on my thigh?
Wet skin/reach out with your mouth
Taste this single drop that has found its way to you
from miles of longing

Hey, rain!
Could that really be rain?
Trees breathe/tense/relax/remember/

R e m e m b e r
Leaves shake the tree

I watch clouds
Come on...drop your load
This is a good place to start

One drop at a time

That's it
One drop
At a time
yes..that's it

Hey! What's that?
A gentle sprinkling of tiny delicate needles
Leaves gently free fall
Willingly free-fall
Gently sighing

As water molecules
Melt brittle tissue
Rain...oh!... Rain

the Holy Man sings...

Oh Creator
pour the rain onto this dry parched earth
come on/come on/let the rain come back to earth
let the cycle return
complete itself

let it let it let it
R a i n

come down on us/come down on us/come dowon on us
let it rain/let it rain/let it rain

earth smitten/neither mystified nor shocked/winks
crawls in deeper for the long haul
sings herself a lullaby

let them ache
let them cry
let them sing

make them dance for it
Track Name: Technologeniusingularity
The Ascent of Being: Centuries of emptying silence; centering extra sensory alignments sent to me from the selfless sea of endless empathy freely filling this giant inspiring pristine prism of encrypted visions a fission within the crystalline skin; essence in evolution of sacred science, reinventing the awakened alliance; grief supplanted with our heart’s patient guidance—(1:07) vibrations rising---equations combining—the sensation of dying---(the spaceship’s flying)—as closed eyes open wide unfroze from the morphing folds of space-time to taste the winding Vine of Soul’s integrating the sorcerer’s source of Divine Mind—behold! We approach technology—genius--singularity! Reflecting honest dreams of sincerity, accepting the constant that we’re invariably the center within chaotically complex clarity—Remember the contents of this lost territory, the ambers of all those buried before me who we’ve so often forgotten, repair the tainted ranting story of humanity’s fate on this planet unfolding,rearranging the pixel panes with intuition’s blissful paint—transforming pains & calamities into actual solutions restoring sanity into this natural R(e)volution. The sanctity of passionate Union---the faculties emphatically tuned in---the once fragile sea gradually makes fractals of me becoming all-consuming…and that’s where You and I first met. Prepare, as the heart accepts.
I do believe that if we collected our minds and at the same paid attention to our (he)arts we would bloom, as in all leaves flow (or a single leaf flower) aware awakeningenuity. A point in the heart we approach technologeniusingularity.

our hearts are pure if eyed closely, we will know ourselves, send our minds clear.
everything is revealed in time, once you see you can not rewind
toggle the trip activate the switch
a symmetrical mental construction always in flux
simultaneously on and off
once you see the all in one we approach technologeniusingularity
stretching out in every direction commanding your attention in numerous dimensions
feed your mind your own reflection
ripple it all a part (rip pull it all up art)

As closed eyes open wide unfroze from the morphing folds of space-time to taste the winding Vine of Soul’s integrating the sorcerer’s source of Divine Mind—behold! A point in the heart we approach technology—genius--singularity!
Track Name: Two Become One
Please God, let me live again.